Welcome to Mark Dancer on Flourishing Business, a multi-media newsletter dedicated to achieving human flourishing through the power of business, distribution, and the supply chain.

In a world increasingly shaped by digital technologies, innovators can look beyond strengthening traditional operations to create a lasting impact by serving customers as humans and helping them thrive and grow in the modern age. We can build a supply chain that is not just resilient but also responsive to the needs and aspirations of its customers, and regenerative for communities, striving to help them thrive and grow. 

This newsletter is an exploration of ideas and making them happen. Each edition presents insights and experiences from the leading edge of supply chain innovation. Moreover, it serves as a call to action for leaning in with support, resources, funding, and whatever it takes to imagine new outcomes, knock down barriers, and build a supply chain worthy of our times in every issue.

I invite you to join our project, offer your feedback and experiences, and share this newsletter with anyone dedicated to serving the cause of human flourishing through a resilient, responsive, and regenerative supply chain.

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I am passionate about business innovation, distribution, and the future of the supply chain.